How to Start a Blog for Free in 2024?

Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog for free? Do you have a blog? Someone who has a blog is a great feeling that you can share your thought and knowledge with others who want. A blog gives you various ways to share your idea and thought. The idea means what? Nothing this! Anything that you want to share with the audience.

Let’s talk about how to make a free blog?

  • Would you like to play a game that you love most?
  • Would you like to make some healthy food for you?
  • Would you like to make your home free from dust?

This all is a regular practice you are doing every day and you have some better knowledge and idea and you want to share with others. That,s fine! You are in the right direction and place. Today, Blogging is a popular medium to share your thoughts and earn a passive income and get popular. But is it easy? The answer is No! But it is not impossible.

If you are really serious about blogging and will do it on a proper basis, you can go there. My suggestion is better for you to go with WordPress. WordPress is a very popular CMS platform and has a variety of options available to customize a blog. But I talked above about how to start a blog for free, right? Now let’s talked about the start a blog at no cost. It is completely free.

There are many platforms that offer to start a blog for free, but here are two platforms that most popular. One is WordPress(.org) and other is Blogspot(.com). WordPress is an open-source platform and Blogspot is google’s platform.

Let’s Start a blog with step by step!

Start A Blog
Blog Writing

How to create a free blog using a blogger platform?

First of all, you should have an email address to create a blog. If you have, that’s great. Otherwise, create an email for free with Gmail.  Now go to your google chrome and open it.

  • Search or
  • Click on CREAT YOUR BLOG.
  • Choose an account to create a blog.
  • Click on “New Blog”
  • Choose your desire name for the blog.
  • Choose the available name for your blog.
  • Choose a free template suggested by the blogger.
  • Click on Create blog. Now your blog is ready.

Create Pages for your blog.

A blog must have some pages that describe blogs in a proper way. There are four pages that really necessary to have in your blog.

  1. About Us page
  2. Contact Us page
  3. Privacy Policy page
  4. Terms and Conditions page

These are four pages important to have in your blog.

Customisation a blog

Blogger gives basic free templates available on the blogger platform. If you want to make your blog better than use a custom theme available for free. You can Buy the Premium theme also.

There are a variety of free and premium themes available for blogs. You can choose from this store. After choosing a perfect theme for your blog and creating the pages, you can write your first blog now.

The best theme for a blog must help you to choose the right one. I personally suggest you use a sora template. I personally use this template for my blog. Sora SEO-ready template is a simple and SEO-optimized template that you can use. You can also buy it just for a little price available at $9.95 only.

When you make a blog on google free plateform than you can add custom domain also. You can buy a domain from any domain seller company like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, Bigrock etc.

Now everything is ready. You can write a post now.

How can I earn money from a blog.

If you have a popular blog. If you get a lot of traffic on it, then you can earn good money from your blog. Although it is difficult to tell a certain amount, if there is a good number of traffic on the blog, then you can earn online. Google Adsene is the popular and trusted plateform for online earning. Although You can try another plateform like, facebook audience network and many impression based native ad network.

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