Free Keyword Research: How is keyword research done?

Free Keyword Research

How to do Free Keyword Research? Now a Day, Everyone wants to show up his blog in search results. For a better SEO optimization of a blog post, keyword research is very important. Proper keyword research can help writers to group up until their blog post and helps in appearing on the search results page. Today I will talk about Free Keyword Research.

Keyword research helps to know the specific term that you want to target for your blog post. For a new blog, it is better to choose keywords that have fewer SEO difficulties.

Keyword research helps writers to know the following questions like:

  • What are people searching for their needs?
  • What type of information they want?
  • What is the number of people who is searching for a topic?

In this post, we are going to know the process of keyword research. Before going to search a keyword you need to understand your goal and customer. Ask yourself a question before you search for keywords. There are many people who before searching for keywords, they see whether their post will be able to rank on that keyword? A lot of time is spent researching keywords. In such a situation, if you already know what to write, then it becomes easy for you to write a blog post.

It is very difficult for a blog writer whether the post that is being written will rank or not. In such a situation it is very important to know your audience. Keyword research helps you to know about the readers. It helps to know the topic which is being searched by the people.

Talking about free keyword research, the best option is Google Keyword Planner. Although here it does not help you to know about the keyword in detail, an average search is found. But if you buy and use keyword tools, then you get better information about a keyword in it.

Today we will just talk about how to get keywords through Google. For this, first of all, we will take the help of Google Chrome and Google Keyword Planner.

how to find keyword for free

  1. First of all open Google Chrome.
  2. Now search for whatever thought comes to your mind.
  3. After this Google will show the result according to your search.
  4. Now look at the People Also Ask section.
  5. Here are the results that people search.

It may not sound like a keyword, but it gives you an idea of ​​what people are looking for. What kind of information do people need? Nowadays people buy expensive tools to do keyword research, but with the help of Google, you can do the same work for free.

When you search for a term in Google Chrome, at most one column comes where some phrases are told by Google. From here you will get to know about the term people are searching for. Apart from this, you can also use the Quora Platform.

A new blogger should always work on long keywords. Working on more difficult search terms, a new blog is not able to rank easily. For example, let’s take a keyword- how to create a blog? Creating a blog here is a keyword. Now search this keyword in Google and see what Google shows apart from this.

When you search for the term create a blog, then Google also shows us other search terms which are searched by people. eg-

  • create a blog for free
  • create a blog on WordPress
  • create a blog using WordPress
  • create a blog and earn money
  • create a blog on medium

You can write a blog post on any of these keywords. Always keep one thing in mind by writing a post on what people are searching for, your post will quickly rank in the search engine. Free Keyword Research helps new bloggers to make a blog post without cost. You can write a proper blog post with help of a Free Keyword Research tool like google.

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